About Us

The Hundred Club of Kankakee County, Illinois is a non-profit, charitable organization (501 C(3)) whose purpose is to provide assistance to the surviving spouses and dependents of law enforcement and firefighting personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty while working in the county of Kankakee.

We were founded in 1967 by five local businessmen - George Ryan, Sr., Thomas J. Ryan, Jr., Richard B. Gibbs, Vaughan E. McMullen, and William D. Gousset - who saw a need to assist those who serve our communities.

We have grown to a membership of 440 members and have extended our assistance to include financial contributions to local law enforcement and fire departments on a special needs basis, offer scholarships for applicants wanting to pursue careers in law enforcement and firefighting, and to provide funding for the local Crime Stoppers program.


  • Payouts to the surviving spouses of law enforcement and fire officials who have died while on duty or while actively employed as such.
  • 800Mhz Radios and scanners to the Illinois State Police (for interoperability with Kankakee County Police and Fire Departments)
  • Equipment for the MABAS 7 Kankakee Valley Technical Rescue Team
  • Scholarships to young men and women who are studying to be law enforcement and fire officials
  • Provide support to Crime Stoppers
  • Donations for several defibrillators for Kankakee County Sheriff Vehicles
  • Miscellaneous Grants to countywide police and fire department endeavors

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